Do you ever find yourself wondering Why does life feel so hard right now?

You’ve got this strong part inside that pushes through the day…she’s strong and determined, and she doesn’t let anything get in her way. And at the same time you’ve got other parts that want you to slow down, take rest, and pay attention to something deeper, something more. The conflict among these parts often leaves your head feeling like cold scrambled eggs.

What if you could get underneath all of the mental and emotional chaos, tune in to your quiet center, and hear your inner wisdom so clearly that you could experience peace no matter what’s going on outside of you?

My name is Jaime Shearer, and with 20 years of experience in human learning & development, behavior change management, and a passion for wellbeing, I can help you reach the strong inner core - the TRUTH of YOU - so that you can live a life that feels GOOD to you.

I know it’s sometimes hard to trust yourself, too. Marisa from the Waynesville Salt Room tried to outsource her business voice online and ended up with this experience:

I started a new business in a town where no one knew me. I wasn’t confident in my online marketing skills, so I hired a large, well-known firm to market for me. After 3 months, I received no return on our agreement, so I canceled it. Jaime guided me to discover my own answers, and I took over my marketing. In less than 45 days of my initial contact with Jaime, clients started coming through my doors, telling me how grateful they were to see my Instagram posts. My ROI came quickly and with ease. Not only am I reaching more people in our community and helping them get well, I’m also finding joy in expressing myself and honoring my own ideas. It turns out, I had the answers within me all along. I’m so grateful that Jaime helped me uncover my inner wisdom.

I can help you build a bridge to your best life through the power of connection, listening, and practical intuition.

If you are ready to stop feeling like your life is a hot mess, schedule your free 15-minute consultation or call me to learn which practices are most effective for your body-mind-spirit and how you can get back precious time and energy while connecting with and living your Soul Agenda.

Services available include spiritual life coaching, resilience capacity building, mindfulness based stress reduction, and private yoga & meditation instruction. We’ll choose a practice that makes sense for you, your soul, and your life goals. Schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation today.

You get me, Jaime!
— D.R., Orlando, FL

Jaime really gets me. She helped me find my authentic voice. I went from feeling burned out, drained, and ineffective to feeling a sense of ease, decisiveness, inspiration, and creativity.
— L. D., Orlando, FL