When I think about writing an About Me page, I think about that ridiculous question we were asked early in our careers: So tell me a little about yourself. And chances are, no matter how we answered that question, it wasn’t quite what the interviewer was looking for.

The truth is, I’d rather talk about you. You’re more interesting to me than stories about my life and what I’m doing here. But since the proverbial “they” says that it’s important to have a page like this … Here goes!

I grew up the daughter of an immigrant and a single mother. Losing my dad to cancer when I was 3 impacted me in ways that I’m still uncovering some 40 years later. My childhood was what’s now called “good enough,” because I had the basics like food, clothing, and shelter. I truly consider myself fortunate. But what I feel like I missed was emotional sustenance.

On top of losing my dad at a young age, I experienced three separate incidents of sexual assault in a period of 15 years. I really thought those were my fault, by the way. I remember being a great student but always struggling with my self-worth and fear of missing out. I also lived with a deep sense of impending doom and a wall around my heart that kept others from getting close to me - and kept me away from my own light.

I really started noticing that I was struggling when I was in my late 20s. I drank too much. I ate too much. I spent too much. I lost jobs too much. As I looked around, I realized that I needed to get my shit together before I drove myself down the wrong path at 100 miles an hour and crashed head-first into my own demise.

There were a lot of practices along my path that helped me recover from C-PTSD, but the ones that have helped the most (and that I do consistently) include: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, HeartMath, and coaching. For years I didn’t realize what I was even trying to heal, but I knew that the answers I needed were within me. When I started teaching yoga, I always told students that my job was to put them in touch with their inner wisdom and support them in living from there. That hasn’t changed in more than a decade.

I believe in the power and sanctity of the human spirit. I believe that our natural state is one of thriving, and that all of the “not thriving” helps us discover more of Who we Really Are. And I believe that you, too, deserve to be happy, healthy, and at peace from the inside out.

Who am I? An introverted creative whose passion it is to help people tap into their own wisdom and live their Soul Agenda.

What do I do? I help two main groups of people: Women who are in the throes of recovering from C-PTSD and holistic healers who are struggling with stress. I guide each individual to connect with their quiet center to discover their life purpose, understand their own body-mind-spirit signals, and live a life that feels authentic and good to them. In short, I help you get underneath stress, anxiety, and trauma to discover your own light and allow it to shine.

How do I do it? I teach practices centered around wellbeing - things like spiritual life coaching, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and stress management.

Where am I? I live in the FABULOUS city of Atlanta, Georgia, and I also work on Zoom.

Why do I do this? Because it’s MY Soul Agenda to help others achieve the wellbeing they desire. I love seeing people happy, healthy, and fully alive! By helping people connect deeply with their inner wisdom and supporting them to live from there, I get to what seems like magic unfold before my very eyes.

My rewards are:

  • Helping “R” find peace in the midst of mental and emotional shenanigans to discover the right career path for him

  • Seeing “P” discover her life purpose and start a healing business that directly reaches hundreds each year (what is that ripple effect like?)

  • Helping “E'“ bring light to the obstacles to blocking her highest good and implement sustainable behavior change to support her heart’s desires