Your practice is full of raving fans. Actually, a quick Google search revealed nearly 120 5-star reviews! Every one of them talked about your compassion and understanding. One even mentioned that you’ve got “expertise AND heart, a rare combination.” You’re really proud of what you’ve built, but lately you’ve been thinking about next steps. 

One of the things you enjoy most is traveling and teaching your kids about other cultures through immersion. You also love to visit Michelin-rated restaurants and drink fine wine. You’ve been shopping for a summer home abroad, but you’re not sure how that’s going to impact your business. You want to be gone for the summer, but you’re not quite certain you can make that happen with your current team.

Speaking of your team, they’re GREAT. In fact, your clients rave about them, too! It’s just that . . . they aren’t really experts in connecting with people online. They can execute on a vision, but their skillsets aren’t matched to your needs. When you stop to think about it, you realize that innovation and divergent perspectives have always helped you grow personally and professionally. 

What if there was someone who had business ownership experience, whose expertise was in growing revenue through digital marketing that could take your business to the next level? 

But wait. You’re a little worried about outsourcing your brand image and voice to just anyone. The big companies don’t seem to “get” their clients from what you’ve heard, and you don’t want to throw good money after bad service. 

So that leaves you wondering how you’ll find someone who believes in what you do because they’ve experienced it. You want someone who understands business, analytics, human behavior, and communication. And you want someone who’s going to talk to your ideal clients in your voice. The first impression is everything to you, and you want to make sure that what people get online is the same as what they experience face-to-face. 

You’re willing to outsource, but will you find someone with the holistic and individualized approach that you value? Each business is different, and yours deserves a solution that truly works with its unique form. You know that your clients appreciate being treated as individuals, not hit with some cookie-cutter program that’s supposed to work because it’s “protocol.” You want that same level of care. 

As a professional, you want relevant, meaningful content that your audience resonates with. You want your words and your brand aesthetic to show your unique personality. And you want that to drive traffic and engagement to your digital marketing channels. 

Ultimately, you want to grow your practice to the point that it no longer needs you so you can pursue outside interests. 

If you’re ready to move from a business that you support to a business that supports you, call me or click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. You’ll learn which digital marketing solutions will connect your business with the right people so you can get real results in your bottom line.