You started your because you deeply care about people and you want to offer them the transformations that bring joy, harmony, and delight to their lives. And when your clients find you, that’s exactly what they experience. But for you, it seems like the reality of business today is that your entire day needs to be spent creating content for your website and social media at a pace that leaves no time to do what you actually love!

What if you could do what you love and outsource creating content that connects with your ideal client from someone who gets you and knows how to connect with people online?

My name is Jaime Shearer, and with 20 years of experience in human learning & development, behavior change management, and a passion for communication, I can create, take over, or remodel your digital marketing presence to help you reach the people who truly need you with content that really speaks to them - and even sounds like you! I make it my business to give your messages the same care, attention, and skill for understanding and helping people as you do. I won’t confuse you with false promises and fancy charts. My focus is on connecting you with clients and getting them to call you and schedule time with you!

I know it’s hard to outsource your marketing, too. Marisa from the Waynesville Salt Room tried to outsource her social media content and ended up with this experience:

I hired a large, well-known firm to handle my social media. They made great promises and justified their fee with charts, graphs, and schedules that didn’t make sense to me. After 3 months I received no return on our agreement, so I canceled it. In less than 45 days of my initial contact with Jaime, clients started coming through my doors, telling me how grateful they were to see my Instagram posts. My ROI came quickly and with ease. Not only am I reaching more people in our community and helping them get well, I’m also finding effectiveness in my marketing investment.

I can help you build bridges to your ideal clients through the power of pen and tongue.

If you are ready to stop worrying about your online presence and focus on what you do best, schedule your free 15-minute consultation or call me to learn which digital marketing channels are most effective for your business and how you can get back precious time and energy while connecting with and converting your ideal clients online.

Services available include ghostwriting, blogging, website content creation and overhauls, social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest), and more. We’ll choose a strategy that makes sense for you, your ideal clients, and your business goals. Schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation today.

You get me, Jaime!
— D.R., Orlando, FL

Jaime really gets me. She helped me find my authentic voice. I went from feeling burned out, drained, and ineffective to feeling a sense of ease, decisiveness, inspiration, and creativity.
— L. D., Orlando, FL