Calm in the Chaos

It’s two days after Christmas, and we’re getting ready to move from Orlando to Atlanta. And by getting ready I mean we have 3 strangers (nice people, really) packing up everything we own, stuffing it in boxes, and labeling things just-so… The sound of screeching tape is more than I can take right now. Did I mention I prepped for over 10 hours yesterday?

This kind of quick transition is common in our lives. Earlier this year I was laid off, and my then-fiance and I planned our super-fun-awesome wedding … THEY JUST PACKED THE PILLOW I WAS LEANING ON … for 150 people in 28 days. Before I had the chance to enjoy my newlywed status I started a new job - in a walking cast that I’d acquired as the result of training in not-so-smart ways.

We’re moving to Atlanta because my husband was promoted. The day after he got his offer, I was laid off again (from the job I’d started just 8 months prior). Some people have gentle ups and downs, simple stops and starts. For us, sh*t gets real faster than the cats can dash out the door to chase squirrels. Y’all I’m tired. Really. And the tape just keeps on screeching…

I grew up in emotional chaos. My dad died when I was a little girl with a grieving single mom who, and I mean this kindly, had more on her plate than she could handle. All I ever wanted was to be calm in the chaos of life. I didn’t realize that by “asking” for “intending” for that I’d be walloped with change after change. Silly things we wish for in our youth.

But along the way I picked up a ton of tools to help me develop resilience. I learned about breathing. I learned about the the nervous system. I learned about exercise. I learned how different foods affect my psyche. I essentially learned how to cultivate calm, how to find inner peace … because the outside world sure wasn’t going to calm the F down so that I could be ok.

Phew. Peace is surely an inside job. If you’re struggling to find some, know that you ABSOLUTELY can…it just takes a little practice and willingness to pursue that path. I’m here. I get it. Please connect with me. I’d love to support you on your journey to calm.