Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable yet?

Le sigh. We’ve been in the temp housing situation for 22 days now, and my body can tell you that we’re quite uncomfortable. First let me tell you that I am grateful for the warm home in which we currently live. I am grateful for the provision of the Universe, including the ability to keep my car in a gated garage, to have a hot shower every day, to access a fitness center steps away from my door, and more. I am grateful and recognize the abundance in which I presently live. And I’m still human, so let’s get on to what I’m learning.

The change in seasons was immediate. We went from the 80s to the 50s in a matter of hours - you know, the drive from Florida to Georgia, plus nightfall. I’ve already lost my tan; these milky white legs are not as sexy as they were with a golden glow. HAHA! Also, there’s more grey hair now than there was three weeks ago. And not having my own bed, chopping knives, and familiar washing machine can be annoying. Can be. It’s all about perspective, and on most days my eyes are on the prize (our new, and yet still temporary for a year unless the universe does more crazy stuff (which it could) apartment). Anyway.

All I know is this: If I don’t get my shit together and allow myself to be OK with being uncomfortable, I’m going to create a lot of misery. And misery gets old. Did you notice that? Joy never seems to get old, but misery does. Misery is like that slumber party guest from when you were 11 who just won’t leave. She’s moved in and isn’t going anywhere, whether you like it or not! And we know you got sick of her two days ago. Yet…there she is. Heifer.

But you know who you never want to leave? Your bestie JOY!


Or are you?

The point is… I don’t want to be a miserable bitch so I get to figure out how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable - and then manage myself appropriately. Is it easy? Meh. Depends on the moon. Is it fun? Only if you like to grow. I guess I wouldn’t say it’s “fun” but it sure beats being miserable.

How do we do this? How do we “get” ok with being uncomfortable? Well, I’ll tell you how I learned to do it: mindfulness. And with steady practice over a long period of time, the agitation became less likely to ensnare me in its intensity. The payoff? I create more connection, intimacy, and joy because I am not so tied up in the mental madness. I get to be present and available to myself and to others. The variance between high tide and low tide in my thoughts has settled down quite a bit, and I’m a lot more chill. (Disclaimer: I’m not totally chill…just better than I was 15 years ago.)