At the end of your rope?

There have been a multitude of moments when I felt like I was at the end of my rope, sometimes all in one day. If you’re a mom, you might be having this experience right now. If you’re in a toxic relationship, you know all too well how crazy it feels to get to the breaking point. What comes next?

Typically the end of the rope signifies a turning point - either one of surrender or commitment. Either way, there’s a certain determination for things to change. It’s the point of no return, the point where you close that door, walk into the unknown, and wait for the next door to open. And we often have NO IDEA what’s in the hallway or behind the next door.

That particular process of walking in the unknown is what many of us avoid doing. We don’t change our behavior because we’re not sure what we’re going to create if we do. If we close that door, how will we get through the day? If we close that door, how can we be sure things will change for the better? If we close that door, will we be OK?

Making changes does require a certain ability to withstand the unknown. I heard a speaker say once, “Living a spiritual life means learning to be comfortable with the unknown.” I think all of life is spiritual, so I’ll paraphrase what he said to this: Being alive means learning to be comfortable with uncertainty.

That’s a hard reality to face, isn’t it?

Who among us loves uncertainty, especially in regard to romances and finances? That’s where our trust issues creep up the most, right? Our mettle is tested in the heat of romantic and financial difficulties. Those life areas are where we see our mental and emotional mischief arise in its most dramatic form.

Reaching the end of one’s rope is, in fact, a positive sign. It means you’ve exhausted your own resources and now need to reach for something bigger than you. It also means that you’re open to support from outside yourself. I don’t know what you want to call that “force,” but I’m going to suggest some things here that might resonate with you:

Force for good

The All


The Universe


The Great Spirit


Higher Power (H.P. for short)

Here’s where the uncertainty comes in: If you let go and allow this “force” to reveal a new way to you, what does the process look like? What journey are you about to go on? What adventure are you about to experience? Most of us want to have some kind of preview, like we’re waiting for the next summer blockbuster to come out. But we may not get to see the trailer before we let go of the rope.

When you’ve reached the end of your rope, do you stubbornly hang on, wearing down the skin on your palms, or do you let go, open up your hands, and learn how to trust your Higher Power for good while you’re in free fall?