We all have self-doubt. Here's what to do about it.

I got a call this morning from an incredibly talented woman who is struggling to market her professional services. Ordinarily outspoken, this sweet soul shared how deeply fearful she is of putting herself out there … and throughout our conversation she shared how she doubts her worth.

Oh my gosh, y’all, we are all so burdened by this nagging self-doubt. It’s created an income ceiling for this woman. What has happened with self-doubt in your life?

I’ve gone through this as well, and when I shared it with my coach she said, “We all have that I’m not good enough feeling…what are you going to do with yours?”

It was then that I realized I wasn’t going to bash my doubt into behaving, and it also wasn’t going away any time soon. But it was causing me a great deal of limitation, and I was definitely over it.

So the solution that made sense for me was…

Have the doubts. Share them with others. And keep moving in your desired direction.

It seems like a simple and trite solution, especially if you’re familiar with “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” And until we learn how to notice our feelings without letting them run the show, we’ll feel the conflict inside. When we’re able to feel the feelings and hear the thoughts without giving them so much power, we can more easily move forward and THROUGH our self-doubt.

You see, it’s not about eradicating or banishing or resisting these very real feelings and thoughts. It’s about noticing that they’re there and deciding to whom or what we’ll be loyal.

Will be be loyal to our TRUTH (our visions and passions) or will we be loyal to the mental madness that gets us down and stops us from creating what we truly want?

There isn’t a magic formula or solution that makes all self-doubt disappear. If someone promises that, send their info to me. I could use a dose. … Seriously, as we learn to live with ALL of our vibes (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and become aware of our desires, we place ourselves in a position of power to choose the actions that lead to the outcomes we want.

We don’t reclaim our power when we don’t act. We reclaim our power when we’re willing to act and intent on moving forward.

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